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Thanksgiving Dining Fort Dodge IA

Looking for Thanksgiving Dining in Fort Dodge? We have compiled a list of businesses and services around Fort Dodge that should help you with your search. We hope this page helps you find Thanksgiving Dining in Fort Dodge.

Taco Bell
(515) 576-7133
3057 1st Ave. South
Fort Dodge, IA
Won-Ton Inn
(515) 573-5929
425 2nd Ave South
Fort Dodge, IA

(515) 576-6565
1101 Central Ave
Fort Dodge, IA

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Third Base
(515) 576-3336
1317 Central Ave
Fort Dodge, IA

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Taco Tico Inc
(515) 576-6282
319 S 29th St
Fort Dodge, IA

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Starbucks Coffee Company
(515) 573-7950
2910 1st Ave S
Fort Dodge, IA
Simple Simon's Pizza
(515) 573-2223
17 S 12th St
Fort Dodge, IA

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(515) 576-3500
3048 5th Ave S
Fort Dodge, IA

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Village Inn
(515) 955-2002
2002 N 15th St
Fort Dodge, IA

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Rib Cage
(515) 576-5633
2007 5th Ave S
Fort Dodge, IA

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Thanksgiving on the Net - When is Thanksgiving? (US) 2011 - 2020

US Thanksgiving 2011 Thursday November 24, 2011
US Thanksgiving 2012 Thursday November 22, 2012
US Thanksgiving 2013 Thursday November 28, 2013
US Thanksgiving 2014 Thursday November 27, 2014
US Thanksgiving 2015 Thursday November 26, 2015
US Thanksgiving 2016 Thursday November 24, 2016
US Thanksgiving 2017 Thursday November 23, 2017
US Thanksgiving 2018 Thursday November 22, 2018
US Thanksgiving 2019 Thursday November 28, 2019
US Thanksgiving 2020 Thursday November 26, 2020

∗We have made every effort to assure that the dates are correct. Please notify us if they are not.

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(When is Canadian Thanksgiving?)
In 1863 President Abraham Lincoln appointed a national day of thanksgiving. Since then each US president has issued a Thanksgiving Day proclamation, designating the fourth Thursday of each November as the holiday.

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